Price Match Guarantee

We believe our prices are some of the most competitive on the internet, but we are constantly monitoring prices to make sure we give you the best prices available, saving you time and money. 

If you receive a quote for an identical product that we have available then we are happy to see if we can match that price. 

The product must be in stock at the retailer concerned and be available to be purchased immediately. All products on the quotation must be current product lines and not have been discontinued.

To allow us to see if we can match the price, you must provide an itemised quote from the supplier concerned so we can confirm its a 'like for like' quote. This quote should clearly display the retailer's full trading name and address and they must be authorised sellers of the brand concerned. Please note all enquiries for ‘Price Match’ quotations are at our discretion. We may not be able to price match on quotes supplied in email or verbally over the phone by our competitors.

Galaxy Football aim to supply your kit and equipment at competitive prices with a smooth and efficient service. To  achieve this:

1)      We do not debit your card until stock has been confirmed.

2)      The order is not processed if we are aware of any stock being on back order, until you have confirmed you are happy with the date supplied.

3)      In-house print and embroidery gives us total control over your order.

4)      We supply realistic delivery dates - to avoid disappointment, and no excuses are needed!


This standard of service may be something that isn't guaranteed from all retailers.